The CSL- An interactive Home for “Common Sense Liberalism”

Defending and redifining a hijacked ideology


What is “Commom Sense Liberalism”?

Is it possible to be a Liberal if you believe in tough actions against Muslim Extremism, support the Israeli government, have a desire to make money and believe it possible to work together with our Conservative counterparts? It is when you have common sense. Join us if you too believe Liberalism has been hijacked by a disingenuous agenda no better than the one being espoused by those on the far right.  Join us if you believe in fighting social injustices in a way that makes sense and want to wage the battles that truly make a difference.  Make the choice to save liberalism in America and in the world.  Make the choice to fight for the well-being of all human beings in a way that makes sense for all innocent people.