Whether you are conservative or liberal, nothing should be more important than integrity. Forget for one minute that we live in a political climate where many think the other side is incapable of this positive quality and look at  Tomi Lahren.  This public figure, someone I disagree with on many of her staunch conservative views, just got fired.  Why? Because she made the mistake of displaying her integrity.  In the process she thoroughly exposed those who have very little of their own when they ironically let her go for actually being true to what the Republican Party claims to be about.  Less government.

In publicly stating that she is pro-choice, Tomi Lahren stayed to true to her belief that the government should not control her life or anyone else’s.  All I ever hear is how we Liberals want our lives controlled and how we stifle free speech, but when Tomi Lahren has the courage to speak her mind and tell the government to let women decide for themselves what they do with their body, the Conservative media outlet “The Blaze” decides to fire her. They probably chose to ignore Lahren’s statements on how she is not pro-abortion and went straight to punishing her for defending half the population’s right to make their own choices.

It will be interesting to see if networks like FOX News will stand by someone they’ve turned to in the past for a ratings boost, Lahren happens to be beautiful, or will they join the hypocritical bandwagon and help push her under the bus.  Let’s hope we’ll see some decency towards someone who was one of their own less than a week ago.