Everything has been so perfect for the Republicans.  They control all branches of government and even though the new president is not a career politician they got the Republican Commander in Chief they so desperately wanted.  Yes it may be a man breaking from Washington’s political norms they have become so accustomed to over the years, but they still appear to be making every effort to support him, even when it means ignoring something really bizarre that he says/tweets or discrediting a controversial incident by calling it fake news. I’d dare say many have proven him correct when he said he could shoot someone and not lose any voters.  He did say that. It’s not fake news.

So what has turned out to be the fly in the GOP’s Utopian ointment?  Healthcare.  This is the first issue where Republicans are not only split, many can’t even figure out who to be mad at about it. What makes it worse is that when they turn to FOX News to figure out what to think,  they get conflicting reports.  Is this Trump’s plan or Ryan’s plan?  It seemingly was put out by the White House, but to paraphrase SNL’s Weekend Update, there must be something wrong with it if Trump won’t put his name on it.  This is a man who has put his name on everything. Or is it that he is waiting to see whether or not it’s popular.  If it’s not, might as well let the Speaker of the House take the fall for it.  After all it’s not like he helped him get elected, right?  Oh wait, he did.

I actually heard some die-hard Trump supporters, the ones that call themselves Conservative Republicans, call Paul Ryan a RINO (Republican in Name Only) for pushing this new healthcare plan forward. But wasn’t Vice President Mike Pence doing the same?  If you look back at his contributions and comments over the years isn’t it really Donald Trump who is the RINO? All Paul Ryan is doing is backing his White House and the appreciation he gets is to be set up to take the fall if it doesn’t work out?  And THIS is what they are calling “not politics as usual”?

I’m not actually debating the merits of the bill, I just find it interesting to see Republicans turning on each other less than 2 months into the new administration and wonder if it’s really more about fighting than it is about winning the fight.  Even Breitbart called Tom Price, the new Secretary of health and Human Services a liar for saying “no one will be worse off financially” under the new plan. This can’t be blamed on Democratic obstruction or the lying media.  This is Republicans against Republicans.  Ironically one can make a case that the split in the party is good and that it reflects a non-partisan way of thinking on the part of some Republicans. Truth is not everything is good and bad about the old plan or the new plan.  If everyone actually worked together on this without a political or financial agenda they might just come up with something.  In the meantime for the Republicans it’s at least temporarily trouble in their new paradise.  Or is this all part of Trump and Bannon’s plan to reshape the government to their liking?  After all, it’s not enough to have the Democrats confused.  You need to Republican Party to destabilize as well. Otherwise it’s still establishment, even if it’s a more conservative one.