I admit I am not without bias.  I definitely lean in one direction.  That being said, I believe there is a very simple non-partisan way to put all these issues surrounding Trump and his team with Russia and the accusation by the current president that his predecessor ordered him wiretapped to rest. Shut up and conduct the friggin investigations.

I get it. There are people on both sides that believe their side can do no wrong.  Newflash, and there is nothing fake about this news, you’re both wrong.  It might not be regarding these specific issues, but to think no one in the camp you’ve chosen to follow has ever lied or been unethical in their capacity in government is nothing short of delusional.  Get a grip and push for an investigation.  If Trump or someone in his administration are covering up collusion with Russia, we need to know.  If Obama staffers are planting falsehoods to undermine the current administration we need to know as well.  And whether former President Obama ordered current President Trump wiretapped during the campaign or the current president is hurling unprecedented and irresponsible allegations at the man he succeeded, we certainly need to know.

But none of this works without there being at least some people in positions of power with enough reason to admit that everything and anything is possible. Going into any investigation with a preconceived notion rendures the investigation useless.  It is clear that someone or many someones did something wrong, but the only truly good thing for the country is to uncover the truth, not to cover up the truth to protect whatever side your on.