On one hand you have to give it to him.  When Trump says if you don’t like him to “say it to my face”, we’ve all see how he walks that walk.  The problem is, when talking about anonymous sources, it’s obvious to most people that a lot of information provided would never get out if these sources had to go on the record.  President Trump is correct to say that in saying the sources are anonymous the burden of proof is much greater, but what if we never received important information?  Wouldn’t it make it a lot easier for those in power to run rampant?  Even if those in power wouldn’t be inclined to do so, the opportunity to do anything without some degree of scrutiny would unquestionably embolden anyone with a leaning towards corruption.

What’s important, and this is where I do agree with Trump, is that if a media outlet is to put out a story, they must accept full responsibility for it.  If CNN, The New York Times, Fox New or Breitbart put out a story based on anonymous sources, they must accept full accountability for that story, regardless of how certain they are about the story being accurate.  Use anonymous sources.  But know that you need to do your best to verify them, because if you don’t it’s on you, whether you are from CNN or FOX.