I was going to say shut up, but that’s just not nice is it?  Let me add to the qualifiers I stated in the title.  Not only am I a very proud Jew, son of Holocaust survivors from Holland no less, same country as Anne Frank, I am also not a Trump fan and I generally find Kayleigh Mcenany so annoyingly tilted in Trump’s direction I like to refer to her as the dumbest smart person I’ve ever seen.  So although it almost pains me to take her side ever, I do so 100% in this argument.  I go back to something I wrote earlier in the week. It’s somewhat ludicrous to say 1 month in that Trump didn’t say something soon enough, and completely ludicrous to say that a man whose daughter is Jewish and whose Jewish son-in-law is one of his tip advisers in his White House is an anti-Semite.

But there is something else Steven Goldstein is either too narrow minded or too caught up in his personal ambition to see.  Donald Trump has to do it this way.  Too much focus on any one group has the potential to cause dangerous backlash, particularly if you have a personal connection to that group. So not overdoing what he says about his concern for anti-Semitism is actually a better strategy than going all out publicly.  What Steven Goldstein likely failed to do is research the amount of resources being put into the investigation by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.  I did, and with my limited resources found it to be extensive.  And again, even though I am someone who doesn’t like Trump, and I feel a little nauseated saying that I actually agree with something Kayleigh Mcenany said, he is indeed hurting his own cause.  A cause that on the surface is mine as well.  And I really dislike people who hurt my causes especially when they claim to care about them even more.