So how far are people willing to take political correctness? Apparently back to the 18th Century. In Sheffield, England the retail chain Primark pulled a Walking Dead T-Shirt from its shelves because it had what was described as a racial slur.  What was the slur in question? “Eeny Meany Miny Moe”.  Clueless to what was going on I looked at this and tried to figure out what the slur actually was. Racist against mean people maybe? You know, Meanys?  Or was the word Eeny racist against small things, maybe making it offensive to guys with small penises?  I couldn’t figure it out. Then I learned what it was. About 100 years ago the rhyme used to read as “Eena, meena, mina, mo, Catch a n*gger by the toe”.  But because this was so long ago I couldn’t find one person who knew this was once the case.  No matter when it was, of course using the N word was wrong and a symbol of racism, but this was so long ago and so obscure for so many that as far as I know, no one brought this up when it was used in the show.  They were far more disturbed by the fact that it was used minutes before 2 good guys were beaten to death by a baseball bat named Lucille.

I don’t deny for one second that the original language was disgusting, and I am nothing if not racially sensitive, bur when the reason something is offensive goes so far back it has to be explained to almost everyone, is it not possible this is taking it a tad too far.  Not to mention that it’s pretty clear that it wasn’t meant to be used as any racial slur in the show. And don’t worry.  Not even the character Negan, the guy using the rhyme is a racist.  He is merely a homicidal maniac.  A case could actually be made for the fact that replacing the original words is a symbol of how society has evolved at lease somewhat in a positive manner.  But I guess you can find a problem with everything. You just have to really want to.