Chicago improv performer to play Barron Trump in new comedy show

Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

This is CSL’s message to Shannon Noll, the Improv actor putting on a show where she performs as Donald Trump’s 10 year old son Barron.

It’s simple.  Leave the boy alone. It doesn’t matter how opposed you are to the president, to go after a 10 year old boy because you don’t like his father makes you a disgrace to humanity not to mention an embarrassment to those of us that call ourselves Liberals.  I myself am no fan of the new president yet I find your message to be lost in your total lack of credibility and decency. Regardless of the messages you send in the show, Barron Trump deserves the right to be treated as the young boy that he is and left alone to grow up.  This is the type of behavior reflective of an individual more focused on making a name for themselves and less focused on doing what it right.