After taking The Mainstream Media Accountability Survey  I couldn’t help but think if these questions were presented in a courtroom battle they would be thrown out for leading the witness.  It’s not difficult to see what is going on here.  You just have to want to see it.   Get enough people to believe that every time someone in the Trump administration says it is “Fake News” it actually is fake news and you end up controlling what people believe.  Do that and ultimately you can do anything you want.

News should not be subjective.  I know Trump supporters will say that is exactly their point, but ask yourselves this.  Is the only real news about Donald Trump good news?  Is it so far from reasonable understanding that he may actually be doing some things wrong?  I get not believing all of the bad.  That is the same problem in reverse.  But none of it? It’s to the point that the national drink might as well be Kool-Aid with the amount of people drinking it on a daily basis.

The extent to which many Americans appear to brainwashed is becoming frightening.  I see people making comments on social media like “liberals, this is no longer your country”.  I’m guessing there are plenty members of the Armed Forces who have fought and even died for their country. You want to disagree with them fine, but don’t make claims that America is more yours than it is theirs.

What this might all come down to is the hope that Trump actually is a decent and competent man.  Although there is strong evidence leaning in both directions it may be critical that he is, because the way people are willing to follow him is frightening.  Even more so than the man himself.