Is there a plan to get Vice President Mike Pence into the presidency?  The theory may not be as crazy as it sounds.  One of the big stories coming out of the Trump administration as it struggles through its infancy, is the frequency with which leaks are coming out of the Oval Office.  One theory that needs to be considered is that maybe this isn’t just a leak but a conspiracy to overthrow a president that was never in line with the establishment in the first place.  If that is the case there could be a few very significant and powerful players involved.

1-Paul Ryan: Let’s stop pretending President Trump and the Speaker of the House actually like each other.  Some of Ryan’s criticisms of then candidate Donald Trump made him almost sound like a Democrat.  Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Ryan’s perceived support was the only smart move for his political career.  For Ryan, at best he could make things work out well even through what he clearly saw as bad circumstances.  At worst he had sufficiently distanced himself enough to not be seen as complicit in the event that the proverbial shit hit the fan.

2-Reince Priebus: This is the glue that makes this theory at least somewhat plausible.  A good friend of Paul Ryans’s and political ally with Mike Pence, Priebus was presented with quite a challenge during the primaries.  That challenge being, how do I save the Republican Party from total destruction?  The National Party Chairman had no choice to not only accept Donald Trump as president, but to enthusiastically support him.  Had Trump lost and Priebus would have been seen as a reason for that loss, his political career would have been all but over.  So he became the Republican nominees biggest cheerleader, subsequently displaying perfectly how to keep your enemies closer.  At this point it’s entirely possible that a plan was put in place in the event Trump won.  That plan, to have strength from within and methodically destroy Trump’s presidency if the deepest fears revolving around his competency or behavior were found to be true.  The perfect distraction of course is always to blame it on the Democrats who help by actually sometimes being to blame. The one thing missing?  The right Vice President.

3-Mike Pence: It was well documented that both Ryan and Priebus wanted Pence for the job.  For Mike Pence, assuming he showed the level head we now know he has, being on the ticket was a no-lose scenario.  If they would have lost, his name recognition would have been elevated for when he makes an actual run.  If they win, he is Vice President for 4 or 8 years with a tremendous advantage moving forward.  But here is where it gets interesting.  What if Mike Pence had reservations about serving as Vice President for Donald Trump. Everything about his behavior and consistently conservative political philosophy makes him appear to be someone who would have said thanks before respectfully declining the offer.  If he was presented with a scenario where instead of waiting 4 years he may not even have to wait 1, his decision now becomes a slam dunk.  Either be VP to a successful president, or be ready to take his job.


Of course this is only a theory and a somewhat outlandish one at that, but is it really that hard to consider the possibility?  After all, before the Republican Party presented itself as the Utopian party it does today -you know, the party America chose and is always right about everything-  it appeared to be in almost complete disarray.  It looked like the Party on life support as opposed to the other party, the Democratic Party that seemed poised to take the White House once again but instead became the party struggling to find its way and survive the disaster of not controlling any part of the government. If the notorious leak turns out to be Chief of Staff Priebus, then don’t be surprised if it’s not that long before a Trump/Pence ticket becomes a Pence/Ryan one.  Of course the wild card in all this is Steve Bannon, someone who will do anything he can to keep Trump in office.  But he might not be enough to stop a concerted effort of this kind.  If that happens a lot of what has been happening till now will begin to make a whole lot more sense.