All of a sudden a few of the “objective”regulars on FOX are making the point that even Syrian president Bashar al Assad is providing credible testimonythat there are terrorists sneaking in to western countries with the refugees.  Assad? Really?  A lifetime enemy of the State of Israel, a man brutally murdering his people, using chemical weapons on the people he is supposed to protect and an ally of Iran? Really? That’s a credible source of information. And did I mention he’s a close ally and buddy of Vladimir Putin. But somehow CNN is the perpetrator of “fake news”.

I believe President Obama did plenty things to be critical of and made some moves, especially before leaving office that legitimately bring into question his support of Israel, but when you brutally insult him and consider Assad a reliable source of information at the same time, your entire perspective is out of whack.  But that’s not really what is going on here is it? If these same people on FOX News that claim to be so objective saw a Hillary Clinton administration using something Assad said to back up their policy the report would go something like this.

And now this same administration we’re supposed to have faith in has chosen to align itself behind the statements of a brutal dictator and enemy of our most important ally in the Middle East.

It comes down to the fact that they do indeed know better.  They are just disingenuous puppets who refuse to break with party lines no matter how ridiculous their comments may turn out to be.   that You may choose to believe them if you like.  I won’t.