Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway for U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks to the media at Trump Tower in the Manhattan borough of New York

Apparently, from what I have heard and read, technically yes.  As a member of the adminstration Kellyanne Conway broke ethics laws with her little commercial for Ivanka Trump’s brand.  Although the “he started it” argument is never the best way to govern, this is one of the easier blunders to understand.  Not to mention the double standard that exists.  I agree with the notion that Donald Trump tweeting criticism for Nordstom creates a very blurry line between his presidency and his family’s businesses, but if subsequently he is not supposed to react and his advisor is not allowed to defend and promote his daughter’s brand due to their positions, a very valid argument can be made that a business must prove that they are not hurting that brand due to the aformentioned positions. Simply put, although Trump and Conway need to stay out of it, should Nordstom get away with what might be described as “political discrimination”?  It’s an argument worth having because it is a clear double standard.  If my boss fires me for not sharing his political views he will suffer financial retribution.  Is this not the same?  Of course Nordstrom will claim it’s a business decision, but there needs to be the burden of proof placed upon their actions.  If we allow a double standard we lose the moral high ground.