It’s  hard to fathom that there are people out there who wish to criticize Lady Gaga for what she didn’t do, but nevertheless that appears to be the case.  Rather than be proud of the fact that a true pillar of liberal tolerant values did her job and put on a stellar performance, some believe she dropped the ball by not using the Super Bowl Halftime show as a platform to speak  about what she thinks is important.  This is exactly what I am talking about people.  Getting on Lady Gaga’s case doesn’t make you a liberal, it makes you an idiot.  You want to be heard?  Do what people are expecting from you, build credibility and then maybe more people will listen to you.  Lady Gaga is more respected today than she was before the big game, and as a result maybe, just maybe, she has the opportunity to make more of a difference in the long run.  If not, at least she did what people hoped she would do.  She made them happy.