Truth is I hardly knew anything about Milo Yiannopoulos before the trouble at UC Berkeley earlier this week.  I never question an American’s right to peaceful protest, and although this past week wasn’t pretty, there were no major incidents or negative outcomes from what took place.  Unless of course your goal was to marginalize Milo Yiannopoulos.  If that was the case you shouldn’t be so happy.  Instead of speaking at the esteemed educational institution in front of a limited sized crowd, the very confused self-hating gay man and son of a Jewish mother who is an editor for Breitbart and defender of the Alt-right got over 20 minutes on Tucker Carlson in prime time on FOX News.  So rather than hurt him, I believe the protesters actually helped him. There’s something to be said for speaking out against what you see as injustice, but it might be a good idea to understand and assess the outcome before you do.  All this did was propel Milo Yiannopoulos even more into the limelight. I’m sure that wasn’t the intention.